Premium Sudoku Cards App Reviews

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Super Upset😡

I redeemed a $15 iTunes gift card, but it said that I only had $2.05! Then I found it it auto renewed this, so once I deleted it like almost a year ago, and now I can’t get my $12.95! Super upset, waste of money!

Modern scammers

I am very careful with downloaded games. Played maybe once, but see an expensive $12 premium subscription appearing on my iTunes account. Not a fan of companies who make money that way.

Bad bad bad bad bad😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

They are still charging me after I deleted the app that needs to stop I am not even using the game I deleted it but it is still charging me $12 every month and I don’t like that sooooooo someone help me because this game SUCKSSSS


This is such a scam. I just got back $26 of the $45 I was charged from iTunes. My son downloaded it from another app that told him he would get coins/credit. He immediately deleted it and it took me 3 months to get part of my money back. Completely disgusted. How awful to be scammed by this company. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!

My idea

It's awesome

I like it!

I like it you’re able to mark hear your thoughts and then use process of illumination it’s good

Fun game



If I could give no star I would this app just robs you of your money and then doesn’t let you cancel any membership that I didn’t even want in the first place and I don’t even liked this stupid game. Hope you’re enjoying those $22 you stole you scum bags.


i disabled the app and unsubscribed from my platinum membership but it still continued to charge me... honestly disappointing. A “pay to play” kind of game.


This game is a trap you download it. Do the free trial and your stuck. I deleted the app because it was just ok. But could not cancel the subscription. It’s not an option. Beware

I’m being charged

This app has charged me for nothing all I did was download this app to verify for another app and now I can’t install or update any other apps because this app wanted to charge me and I refuse to pay

Ok nice

Very nice app tanks for you


I think this is pretty cool and relaxing

How the hell so I cancel the subscription

No where on app does it give cancel subscription???

Great but

I don’t know how to play

Sudoku is the best game ever

This game make me feel good and i like it well i start plying this because of midge shes in barbie life in the dreamhouse when she said that name SUDOKU i love hearing thos name it made me feel smart and great the most of all this is my favorite game i like roblox and gacha studio and minecraft thos is the first place and i love the way it sound wait that made me feel cray cray but still this is tha bessttt

Love it

I love this game it's a grate time killer and good for all ages

Only got this for game tokens 😜

Only got this for game tokens 😜

Accidentally spent money

I’m not really a fan of this game in general so I thought I would try it with this app to see if I can like it, but then I was trying to just hurry and fell into the trap, that is very cruel why don’t you just make the app that much money instead of tricking your players, now I have lost money into a app which I would still dislike if I didn’t spend money on it by accident.

Not the best but it will do

It’s ok



Not worth the time to download

It’s tedious boring and a bit monotonous,to say the least. Nothing to set this apart from any other. Unless the fact that it may bore you to sleep.

Like other in app purchases this one is just as bad

FIRST this app should not say to subscribe u need to add money bc I bet u 1m I would cancel the purchase right after I sub! ITS ANnOYING

It’s ok

It is a little boring to play but, it does have you learn a lot about numbers so I would say it’s good

Great game but be careful

The game play is great. The only downside is how annoying it gets when every time you load the app it tries to get you to pay for the premium version. Other than that no complaints at all.

Watch out for the subscriptions

There is no direct way to cancel a subscription. You have to go to a website that isn’t listed on the actual game, nor is a help or contact option. Deleting the game will NOT stop the charges. If you’re on ISO you have to go through your iTunes Store through settings then your Apple ID then through subscriptions, then from there you can cancel. I’d suggest everyone look in this area as there may be other subscriptions you’re not aware of. Seems I had a couple of $.99 monthly subscriptions I didn’t realize I’d agreed too. If you check out this game as park of credit perks of another game I’d suggest you check this setting often as some of the “free games” I downloaded to view started charging my card attached to my acct

Only for robux

This it didn't work f u


Buena esta aplicación

Bad programming takes away fun

Horrible it will tell you wrong even if there is no numbers there


I’m new to this site but absolutely LOVE this game!

Very easy

A simple and easy game


This game is sudoku


I like it


Do u have to pay in this game ?


Love it is so thinking game

To other person

Did you have to buy both apps or no


Idk how to play but I’m kind of still trying

It's good but...

A subscription-based game. After 10 plays you have to pay monthly. For something you can get for free and print off the internet. Or pick up at the store for $3. I disagree with subscription-based games. If it was a one time fee of even $5 that'd be better than $12 a month. If it pulls in the business with subscriptions then by all means- make your money.


It’s awesome

Great app!

Great app to get your mind off things!

Best Game

Best Gme Ever Sooo many people should play

This app will not let you cancel your membership!

Not happy did the free trial, said not eligible then said it took my money! Now I can’t cancel it. This app is a scam!


It’s well done

Fun game

This game is fun!


I also downloaded for tokens


I can’t seem to find the cancel subscription button and if I get charged for this game I will find a way to sue the creators for not having a way to cancel. I need an answer now!




Makes you happy when you beat it.


This game is a great game it helps your brain so much I hope everybody gets it

I need help

So I have been trying to figure out of how to play this game for like 5 - 10minutes and I still don’t get how to play it! If anyone has any helping ideas for me please write back

  • send link to app